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Machine Shop gets a facelift

As part of the continuing investment at SRC Lexington, a major refurbishment of our old teardown space was completed in September 2016 and the machine shop was moved into the newly renovated space.  This will continue to improve our contamination control program as we now have all of the main sources of contamination isolated from the assembly and test areas.  The disassembly and cleaning now occurs in the 12,000 square foot expansion completed in 2015 and machining now is done in a second walled area within our plant.  This prevents the spread of dust and debris through the rest of the facility.


Our experienced machinists are able to use our in-house machining capability to save more parts by machining them back to OEM specifications for reuse. This allows us to keep our costs lower than the competition.

Machine Shop

Keeping the plant clean starts with white ceilings and white walls so contamination can be easily viewed and cleaned.

Machine Shop

The machines we use allow us to maintain high levels of quality and reclaim as much material as possible.

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